[PC] Dedicated Server Mode changing from PvP to PvE in the server list

Hi guys,

I am not sure if this is a known bug, or if it’s something unique to my server.
I have the .ini setting set to “PVPEnabled=True”.

When I launch the server it firstly displays as mode “PvP” absolutely fine and it can remain fine for a good few hours, however after some time has passed, I will go back to the main Menu and the server will be listed as PvE (this happens for other people as well).
Although in the menu it shows PvE, PvP is still enabled in the game as we can still hurt other players.

Has anyone had this issue before or have any suggestions?

Cheers guys!

I think I found what is causing it.

Whenever I log into the server with admin - It changes it to PvE in the list.

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