PVE Dedicated server defaulting to PVP mode. Can not change back to PVE!


Since today’s update our dedicated server is no longer showing as PVE mode. We have set up this server as PVE and the mode is now stuck at PVP. We have unchecked the box to disable PVP in our gportal settings several times and have restarted the server and it automatically goes back to checking the enable PVP box. Gportal has tried on their end as well to get this resolved. Please advise.

Official to, played on 800 pve, was changed to pvp, but it is not upp anymore, mabe to adress the problem?

+1 Same issue. We’ve run a PvE server as well for a 1+ years with no issues and today after update its stuck on PvP after restarts. Rebooted a dozen times. Resaved settings on the ini file but server defaults back to PvP even though saved settings show PVPEnabled=False. My workaround is to manually login to game after each reboot as admin and then just hit save servers settings and volia it updates to PvE. Please fix, many thanks.

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We are working on this! :slight_smile:

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Hi Capaitan,

Thanks for the workaround. I am encountering exactly the same issue, and would love to be able to use this myself. Are you just doing this using the in-game client server-settings dialog?

Yo capt, I set the server to PVE in-game as well but it still don’t make it list under pve sadly.

Looks like this just got patched, hoping it works!

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