[PC] Divinity Gaming's DG Exiles PvE/TAOC/Pip/Nav

Server Name

DG’s Exiles (x2 Harvest)

Game Type: PvE

Server IP:

Mod List

4)Glass Constructions
5)Less Building Placement Restrictions
6)Yamatai Exiles
7)Immerse RP & Building Decor
8)Niflhemir - Minimap
9)The Age of Calam
10)Kerzoards paragon leveling - a multigun refresh
11) Better Thralls

<> Be sure you have “Show Servers With Mods” selected when looking for the server!

<> These mods, when you load the game, need to be in the exact order as the server or you will not be able to log in correctly.

<> Base Stats <>

Stats are vanilla.
Gather Rate is x2
(Other adjustments can be made as we go along depending on player feedback)

Divinity Gaming is a community of players who enjoy a variety of games, if you aren’t interested in Conan, you may find another game to play along with us! If you need a Discord link, just ask!