PC [Eng/Fr - PVP/RP - rates x5] Dark crystal of Siptah fresh start

Dark Crystal of Siptah

ip :

Discord : fnz9R2U

Map : isle of Siptah

Special kit for the first pathfinders

About Us: We are roleplayers from Call of Cthulhu and many others, We love the lore from Robert E Howard and we are indeed new admins on this game. However, we have 9K hours on Conan exile but it’s completely meaningless for this server.


The core concept of this server is to bring more action roleplay thanks to scenarios and campaigns with good rewards and less chatty roleplay.

It’s an FR and English server, we will speak in English for the roleplay. We love Lovecraftian ambiance so be prepared!


You drop only your backpack on death, not your shortcut or pieces of equipment.

Raid allowed until 07:00 PM and 10:00 PM the weekday and 06:00 PM to midnight during the weekend.


Maximum of 5 players per clan and the possibility to create a faction. In that case, 10 players minimum and you’ll have to complete a special form.