PC - Equip Light Armor Bug

2 new players playing together, official EU PVE PC server neither of us can complete the equip light armor journey step despite crafting and wearing light armor pieces.

Are you kidding me? This is an officially released game, but there is more bug in it than during early access! Ridiculous! when there is already a repair, since the last update, there have been errors with hundreds that have already solved the solution! It’s a joke category this whole game! Joke category is Funcom!

Just wanted to point at this:
Equipping this light dlc armor worked perfectly for me and my clanmate. German clients, official EU server(s).

If people paid attention, they know its fixed in next patch :wink:

Can you tell me where to find that information please as I read the latest text patch notes and I can’t see it.

OK i see where it says fixed on testive ty. I had looked at the 28/06 patch notes but had not seen the list you linked. Still finding my way around.