Server #1545 PvP - Can't get journey step for light armor

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: USA America Trump

I think I got it once, but logged out, so maybe my character is updated, but it never got committed to the database. I suspect this issue is one of that nature. Perhaps there could be a check on login for journey steps, compared to the character data. If a mismatch is found, update the journey step.

I’ve tried some of the proposed solutions here, using every piece of the Basic Light and Darfari armor sets. I also changed my language to each language. I really suspect this is a database issue from when you guys changed the commit interval for performance to 30 minutes.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Equip light armor, get the journey step
  2. Log out, then log back in later
  3. See if the journey step can be completed
  4. Go cry on the forums!

Same bug ere, won’t update journey light armour when equipped.
Is there active admins or a a ticket system where one can report this?

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I guess this is it. I’m hoping to get some feedback. The game is unplayable for many people. Breaking the journey pretty much halts character advancement.