Found a working fix for the Light Armor Journey Step bug

Hi there !

So I was findling around in the editor when I wondered how, if possible, I could fix the dreaded “Equip a piece of Light Amor” journey step not validating that is plaguing a lot of players.

I noticed the lookup for this specific step was different than for the raider, nordheimer, and epic armor steps : while those three actually look for a specific item ID to validate, the Light Armor step check whether the word “Light” is actually in the name of the item.
Obviously this won’t do on localized versions of the game.
However, a lot of users also reported they had to swap the regional settings of their Windows, not only of their games, to hope having the step validated.

So basically my suggestion is to use a lookup table for light armor the same way you proceeded for the other type of armors.


In the meantime I took the liberty of uploading a small mod that does just that :

I guess it could help people stuck with this journey step ( three people including myself on a private server reported the fix working ) !


I find it strange that not more people are talking about this issue.
I love using the journey system, but since I can’t get the equip light armor checked, I can’t see what’s on the next chapters.
Thanks for finding a solution for this DrKoin!
I have the same issue on Xbox One X

just change your server setting to EN to be able to do this step

Isn’t this journey step should unlock on any armor which is light tiered?

Does that mean I have to be admin in order to fix this issue? In that case I’m out of luck.

yes or wait until they fix it for any server

Got it, thanks, I can wait.

Yes, of course !
However, they didn’t go the same way for, say, the Nordheimer armors, despite them all being named “Vanir”. They just made three lookup tables, one with all armors from Nordheimer tiers ( from normal to flawless, and all epic variants too ), one with all Raiders armors, one with all epic armors ( and that one is a big list ). I’m just surprised, since they went through all the trouble of making actual tables, they proceeded differently for the light armors lookup. I mean, it probably wouldn’t have been that long for them to make an actual “light armors” lookup table , right ?

My guess, they thought it would be faster to go fishing for the word “light” ( is it in the name? tiers ? description? no idea, I’m not good enough at Unreal Engine! ) but ultimately, it just gave birth to other issues for, apparently, localized versions… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Interesting… nice find! I hope they’ll fix it fast, since it’s such a small thing. Unfortunately, switching to the en version of the game didn’t get the journey part done for me, so I’ll have to wait :confused:

I found a fix too.
for non English ppl they just needed to set Language to english and it was fixed.
After the Hotfix even this is not working.
oh man i nearly hate this Game. =/

Yes, I found that one a few days ago as well.
Didnt fix it for me, as the game ignorantly stays german (even when having set it to english in steam…) - so no hope for me, until they fix it. I guess that will be the exact thing they will do. (Making it a itemid instead of name thing.)

Yeah, it doesn’t work for everybody unfortunately or else I’d not have done the mod/fix :confused:

The new DLC fixed it. Just build the light armor and fixed. LOL

Perfect then ! :slight_smile: