[PC][EU/NA]Exiled Nations [Lite RP-PVP-C][24/7][Active Staff][Weekly Events][Fresh map][Economy]

Exiled Nations is a newly started Light RP-PVP server. We have the Light RP tag because we’re trying to create an environment where clans battle, trade, negotiate in Conan Exiles. Building damage is restricted all days except for 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday (See time below) to allow those that can’t grind all day and defend their creations, to also experience sieges and raiding.

We have plans to add the pippi mod in the future, when Funcom adds “Automatic mods download” when you join a server in the browser. With pippi we will have in-depth economy, better events, neutral trade city and Nations mechanic. See below and on Discord what we’re planning once we add the Pippi mod.

Discord: https://discord.gg/K7MhZMz


  • Be respectful to others in chat.
  • Foundation/Pillar spamming is not allowed and bannable offense.
  • Do not Block caves/pathways/NPC locations.
  • Do not block resource spawns.
  • Purposely exploiting glitches is bannable.
  • No unraidable/unreachable bases. Do not remove stairs/elevator to avoid raids.
  • No spamming chat

Please report any grieving to Simmi_Sumo, discord or in game.
Disclaimer: Abandoned building will be removed by admins.

Weekend Raid Time

Building damage is off all days except every Saturday and Sunday. Building damage is turned on every Saturday and Sunday at these times:

  • 21:00 - 00:00 Cest
  • 19:00 - 22:00 UTC/GMT
  • 3 pm - 6 pm EDT
  • 12 pm - 3 pm PDT

Server info:

  • IP:
  • Gametype = PvP-Conflict
  • Clan max size = 8
  • Avatars = Off
  • Purge = Off (for now)
  • Building decay = Off
  • 1.5x Harvest rate
  • 0.2x Item Durability Modifier


The arena:

A Bi-weekly (possibly weekly) event where we will have a tournament style competition in the arena located at Selfoss. Players are drawn in brackets for 1v1 combat to the death. You can volunteer by contacting me (Simmi_Sumo) in-game or on our Events Discord channel.

Prizes range from silver & gold to legendary weapons. See the Events discord channel for information on the next tournament.

Players will get weapons and armor from the admin, no need to bring your own.

The Merchant:

The merchant is an admin managed trader who will buy or sell items from players with silver or gold coins. The merchant will usually hang around Selfoss looking for the best deals.

Certain weeks the merchant will be looking for a special item/resource (announced in Events on discord and in-game) and he will pay handsomely for it. He will sell/buy various items anytime his shop is open at Selfoss. But the merchant is a greedy one, bartering is encouraged for a fair deal.

The Merchant doesn’t spawn in items, instead his inventory is determined by the items players sell to him. Meaning prices will change depending supply/demand.

See the merchants message board and the merchants channel in discord for prices: https://discord.gg/efcVwsS

Finders keepers:

This is an event where a chest is hidden somewhere in Selfoss. An impromptu event that can happen anytime (except during raid time) and will be announced in global chat. Players, if they wish to chance it, will have to rush to Selfoss and find the chest. Rewards will vary and beware, PvP is on.


Selfoss is the servers trade and event hub, with a public maproom.

The Staff

Current staff list:

Admin/owner: Simmi_Sumo

I will be the only one with access to admin powers and I’m not playing as a player in-game, only managing events and enforcing the rules. Moderators can be added later on, but they will never get access to the full admin tools.

If you wish to contact me and I’m not in-game, report a rule breaker or you just have some suggestions for the server message me on Discord. https://discord.gg/K7MhZMz

-Simmi Sumo

Changed Harvest rate from vanilla to 1.5x

Great server, worth checking out. If like me your sick of admin abuse servers then you will find this refreshing.
Servers still new so plenty of space to build.

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Updated server settings and added more info.