PC - FRESH SERVER - [EU] Serpent Citadel / Role Play focused [RP-PvP-PvE]

If you are searching for a FRESH server, starting from scratch but with no wipes planned (only building controlled by admin as decayed or if majority of community votes for starting over)

If you are searching for a ruled RP focused PvP-PvE server, with active admins that are not playing in any clan & don’t participate into PvP (no abuses this way)

If you like events, quests (dungeons, server lore, PvP team events …)

The Serpent’s Citadel server is for you ! (and your friends of course)

x2 harvest / x3 XP / PvP enabled / Building damage time restricted / No Gods / Purge On / Clan max size 5

Join our discord for more details or if you (or your clan) join the Server !

Discord : discord.gg/GYugvMX

Link for your friends or clan members :

[EU-RPvP] Serpent Citadel (Fresh server)
Direct connect IP : — Once on mod screen, check the two boxes to auto download & update the mods.

See you soon !

Daily bump,
Some players already have join us !

The main lore of server is growing, it actually have a playable questline until you complete the 1st dungeon and preparatives for the second !

Side quests and mid/low level quests non server lore related are also implemented or in progress !

The sooner you come, the more base location choices you’ll get !

Player count growing up !
Come join us !


Bump :slight_smile:

Added features as gambling games, interactive npcs games.
Added several side quests, 1 new dungeon.
Added a sort of “night” tavern displaying music, with dancefloor and kinky VIP room.

Coming soon : 1 more dungeon server lore related, quests (both side & lore related)

We wait for you !


Added : 1 event dungeon for weekend events
side quests


Added side quests for middle lvl players and in starter area.

Working on a 4th dungeon.
Player proposed to build a colosseum to organize PvP events, which may also add an event choice.

Daily bump.


Added mid lvl & lvl 60+ server lore related quest (long but very rewarding)

Daily bump

Tommorow will start increased harvest rate (x3) & faster thrall/pet conversion until monday
When enough players will be active, dungeons events and community events will be able to start

Some casual players joined, still looking for an active player base