[pc] game freeze while loading

As the title says itself…
Working perfectly since yesterday.
But since that, I am not able to join any game. I got stuck on loading screen. And must kill the process in proc manager.

:arrow_right: Updated drivers
:arrow_right: Game integrity ok
:arrow_right: Game files defrag
:arrow_right: Config clear
:arrow_right: No Steam launch options
:arrow_right: No mods

Any help? :warning:
Since I am admin on one bigger server, I’ts important to solve my issue ASAP :frowning:

Same issue here :frowning:

I’ve done all the same steps as you- I have to kill the process in task manager.
I’ve been searching for the last week trying to find a work around, haven’t found one yet :confused:

I litteraly can’t even play.

Whenever i try to load in, it crashes on loading screen…
But when i get over it, and get to playable state… it crashes immediately, and need to kill it anyway.

If this issue will persist after next patch, I am quiting with Conan for a long time. And I am gonna write a negative constructive critique on Steam and Metascore, because if the game’s poor performance for 40€.
Two friends are willing to buy it, but no when i quit
So Funcom, if you want to loose 3 potentional customers, just continue with your bad work out there.
This game have so much unsolved “crashes/freezes” that are there on Forum for weeks, and none of the mods could not help them. So the people stopped playing it, as I will do…

BF1 at High preset, smooth 60FPS
GTA V at High 70FPS
Overwatch…CS:GO…WoW… all running smooth above 80FPS
So if any mod listen, dont say it’s because of my PC ffs, and no I am not gonna to re-download your non-optimized files. 52Gigs for what!!! WoW world is 40x bigger, not mentioning dungs and unused plain space… And it’s on 40Gigs ffs…

I would not be such in rage if this was some free game…5/10€ low title. But this “amazing freeze fun” costs me 40€! Over-rpized as hell for the poor current state of the game.

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