PC Hotfix (10.04.2019) - Event Log Privacy Settings and More


I think lot of stuff was added with this patch =p


No turan stuff in structures etc…but in creatures spawn, only theses 2 turan pets, maybe it’s 2 pets and 15 items, a thing like that.

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So…turan DLC is for tonight ?

Won’t be happening until consoles updated too, so far release always was for all three at once.

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Yes, of course =)


and RIP sword of crom… nerfed to 90 base damage :stuck_out_tongue:


Hidden content, hmmm, have so my ideas ! :wink:

Thanks for the patch, will try it asap.

hmmm, that’s not nice for those having it allready.

Wondering if this hot fix will fix our issues with the purges on my server. finger crossed

Can we have the full patchnotes please?

@Jens_Erik with the ninja balancing changes as well?

I really do not want to sound snazzy, but we do care for what changes in the game we spend so much time on, and finding it out by either luck or dev kit mining is rather unentertaing.


Good. Because mine is only 2.4 GB so it obviously felt inferior to Nuria’s 4.4 GB.

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More pet skins instead of something else :unamused:

Sorry, those have been there 4-ev-a :slight_smile:

lol - u b sneaky - yep indeed

Eh… maybe it was displayed wrongly.

Is this the lava creature the server i play they covered the lava with foundations wth this

Mine is also 2.4 only

That. Or… you were deemed worthy of receiving unreleased content :smiley:

If you buy the DLC you will get it back to 120 base damage. :wink: