PS4 Hotfix (10.04.2019) - No Ownership fix and Event Log Privacy Settings

Dear exiles,

We have a new patch out for the PS4 version of Conan Exiles. This hotfix takes care of some UI bugs, fixes chests unlocking after server restart, and adds a privacy setting for the Event Log.


  • Elephants can now be tamed.

  • Player list chat mute will now take effect immediately rather than after the muted player re-logs. This also works for voice chat


  • Chests should now retain their lock-status after restarting the server/session


  • A privacy setting for the Event Log can now be accessed in the server settings tab
  • There should no longer be a “No Owner” display message for buildings

Will we still get the blue screen ‘Error Has Occurred in the following application’?

We have been investigating crashes on the PS4, but this particular patch does not contain crash fixes.

Sad to say a large amount of crashes on ps4 & ps4 pro is memory related in most games. i have to power down and up my system to free up it’s memory just so i can play conan exiles with out large pockets of lag on my ps4 pro


Any word on ps4 pro performance? Stuttering is really, really bad.


This one seems a bit pointless since we don’t actually have a server chat window…

  • Player list chat mute will now take effect immediately rather than after the muted player re-logs
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Any idea if there will be server ques added for when you crash out of the server and it fills up you can be placed in a loading que with wait times based on first come first served to avoid having to click through and try to join repeatedly


It also works for voice chat, but I’ll update it so it’s clearer. :slight_smile:

Our team is now working on crash fixes and PS4Pro performance issues (with invisible NPCs and assets).
No ETA on that yet.

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6+ GB >_>

comes read patch notes Mmmmk. That doesn’t add up. (I guess there sharks or something in this patch? watch them fingers. XD
I guess i’ll update… God i hope this doesn’t break anything, 1.34 was running good enough.

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What does " privacy setting for the Event Log can now be accessed in the server settings tab" mean? Does this mean if we set this on, we can view who attacked us? Also is the found in gportal side or in game setting, as I cannot find in either places.

Is there any way of adding a queuing system that helps get into full servers?
having to constantly spam join to get into the server can be both frustrating and tedious. Understand if it’s not currently high priority just would like to know thank you.

Doing a great job with the updates and fixes, Amazing job.


Im wonderin the same thing

5.6 GB for this? Really? Why not fix the horribly laggy combat, and npc and animals disappearing, and reappearing out of reach after you hit them. Or fix the blue screen issue, and the full server issue.


When will thralls get their cultural outfits back? Right now all of the non place able ones are wearing blacksmith outfits.

It’s located in Server Settings -> General. The very last line: Event Log Privacy. It’s a drop-down menu that lets you choose between three options (admins, everybody, nobody).

Hmm ok… Would still prefer a server text chat box like Ark’s one… Means you can converse with clans all over the map and not just in your immediate vicinity


Lmfao 5.771 GB for 4 fixes? You lads are hiding stuff.

Wouldn’t suprise me if it would be preps for the new water dungeon tho lol.

It’s been over a year since I quit. And still, once I ya e a structure down someone builds closeby and now I cannot add walls, lights, anything because “land already claimed” appears. Seriously Funcom? Still haven’t fixed this? Why build anything if I’m just going to be locked out within hours. Such poor development.