PS4 Hotfix (10.04.2019) - No Ownership fix and Event Log Privacy Settings

If anyone has problems with ps pro lag I’ve heard that turning off it’s boost mode function will cause less lag.

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Sure, thanks for that. But what does it do? Tell you who attacked your base or still just says “Player”. Could do with some more info please

Is the aim sensitivity reset bug being worked on?

This is great and all but why is it so big to download such, in my opinion small and insignificant, changes?

Theres nothing to fix there. You can’t plop down a 4x4 hut and expect to claim a 100 meter radius. The map isn’t that big.

Thank You for the “no owner” fix guys. Much appreciated. Whether or not a player thinks it was good for pvp, which i believe was the main issue, it was making it very difficult for admins on non-official servers to try and enforce rules. On my server for example, there is a 4 base per clan limit that is trying to be enforced and we couldn’t see who was building what.


After few hours of play (singe player)

Inventory UI doesn’t skip as much.

edit out compost thing, seem have fixed itself

I noticed clothes/hair start turn off and will turn on later. (before it would be on, and turn off after sometime as noted in other threads)

Caldron not gonna use fuel no more?

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There are some other assets in db that aren’t technically in release state yet that were done as well. Stuff that will help with the size of the next DLC patch. This will allow them to release thru cert a lot quicker due to size constraints PS/MS likes to enforce on patches. Plus every patch costs $$$ when Funcom pushes them thru on MS and PS i believe. So piggy backing some assets for future updates is actually a very smart work around for size and cost over all.

That has been active since 1.34 update.

yeah, i think i might put a vote to my admins to turn all the way on, or just have admins be able to see it.

I dont know if is just me. But mu thralls and pets dont attack other players. Is that how it should be or the games isnt working?

I know, (I held onto 1.34 for extra bit since it worked decent) feels like it would have been fixed/touch during 1.35 or this patch.

Depends on server and setting. They attack during PVP times, but not during off time. (if thats still a issue)

oh, ok. But there was info somewhere that this is a permanent change for QoL.

I must’ve missed that in notes… which makes no sense. QoL would be making Bark burn longer in Dryer, Since they removed it as by product.

Not like coal or dry wood was hard come by for fuel. XD

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I didn’t understand it either. And the bark as not a bi product suprised me as well. I understand moving it to a special recipe for improved carpenters bench, but to only be bark, and no shaped was confusing as well. At least give a split.
Shaped is normally 5 to 1 shaped with named
make it 2 shaped and 3 bark and it makes some sense.

And dryers seem wierd. How is the bark actually interacting with the wood to dry it faster? Maybe someone with expretise could answer…on another thread.

bark burns more smoky, and smoke itself is “drying” it. technically it need be inclosed (like smoker)

I think. I picture it like that, I’m not familer with drying wood, but my Aunt owns a farm and smokes her own meats an fishes.


Technically it is a smoker then. That makes more sense. I now recall early on me wasting bark for dried meats and berries on a PVP server. then i was taught about haunch and aloe soup :slight_smile:

@Sera67 they dry wood in a kiln more expensive and better quality than air dried. Look out for sharks.

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