PS4 Hotfix (27.03.2019) - UI bugs and XP fixes

I doubt it. Why have two versions then?

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Not intended :slight_smile:


Specifics or you are trolling.

All i am asking is for some things you experienced since the last patch. It helps the rest of us out to know if we might be able to replicate any that are listed already.

But your response to that question tells me all I need to know. So i will look elsewhere for people who have constructive criticisms. things to help fix those issues.

People won’t have time for you if you are always angry and complaining.” – Stephen Hawking


Please keep it civil.


How about new Internet Connection issues since the last hot fix?

PvE Official Server #3731:

I was AFK for about 6 days & booted up CE last night to revisit all my buildings to mitigate that nasty decay thing. I was happy to see a hot fix was installed mere hours before I began playing & thought, “Well, that’s great… can only help.”… LOL :wink: Apparently I was wrong.

I played for a few hours but then started getting “Lost connection with the server” errors. Finally just exited once I had my character fed & watered inside the base. I decided to return today to visit my other main base & a satellite because it may be day 7 since my last footprint… and today I cannot log in at all without getting the “lost connection”: sometimes I’ve gotten as far as seeing my character in game, then lost connection; most of the time I get “lost connection” during the log in process and it just returns to the main menu.
So far I have rebooted my wifi router and my PS4 with NO improvement - cannot log in at all for over an hour.
Can others confirm if Official #3731 is having issues, maintenance, etc.?

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Just a shout out my wife and I have been playing on 2 ps4 private gportal servers this week and nary a problem other than killing thralls with a truncheon and that’s probably server settings. I really don’t understand the bit ch ing and I am not trying to start trouble just not having problems.

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things have been running smoother than “normal” on the servers i play also, having fun with the new content and even bought my old friend Vathis from our admin shop which i didn’t think was possible.


No. Its happened on the public PVE server I play on. Truncheoned the named Dancer at the Pagoda and he died before he was knocked out. He wasn’t hit by anything else. If they are going to make a named thrall take 12 or more hits, they need to be able to survive. Its the only time its happened so far though. I’ve caught many others and a few were weaker ones.

big big problem in conan exiles!

I’m talking about the topic clan again:

The game does not invite to play in the clan at all, because there is pretty much no permission settings.
Clan members can easily dismantle any building if they have a bad day. access every inventory and throw everything to the ground destructively, etc.

The clan function would be very enriching, if there is an option where you give certain people no dismantle function, at least things that you have not built in recent times. Moreover, it would be of advantage if you can provide certain chests with a password in which not every clan member has access.

This time it has a buddy affected: he has sincerely helped 2 players in his own clan, with whom talked about voice and played a certain time together. one day after logging out of the server, everything was destroyed by his new clan members.

i personally always play alone in the clan, but i play with other clans together. it’s just too risky for me to lose everything just because someone has a bad day or even wants to quit the game altogether.

why are there clan grades when they have pretty much no function.

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Big issue after the last patch is server crashes that happen repeatedly causing you to get killed by npc’s, then having all your gear despawn because you can’t log in

I would love to see no despawn of personal items due to server issues that are not caused by a player but by the server

No recompense on official servers is not cool especially for people who support the game with continuous purchases

Love the new adds but after loosing all the new weapon s I obtained after 40-50 hours grind time like seriously?


Passwords for boxes and the ability to lock specific rooms to low level clan members would be really helpful

Everyone needs a sgts mess hall

Had that happen when I had the shield equipped, I noticed if you r2 it would drain his health with the shield equipped but if you r1 attack with the shield equipped then it only hit his knock out bar

Not sure if that helps but I almost killed him… But got him knocked out in the wheel and cooked Then “a player” stole him from my wheel…while I was offline… . Of course

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do you know that? you want to walk through a door and your thrall or pet is blocking your way!

and then you either have to walk around it to move somewhere else or you have to move it with the move function. pretty annoying!

Maybe you can script that, if you run against the thrall or the pet will automatically move it back. A script with the function to move / guard could make that possible.

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Having same issue… Only it started while I was harvesting… Lost everything now can’t log into server with the same issue your describing

Super bug server 3222 tribe ! Plata oh plomo have main base inside mountain they can go inside with the bridge and its impossible to raid theme bcs are inside the mountain in the bug f,g,/ 8,7 in the maps its they location

Hey it is currently 04/3/2019 on ps4 pro An it’s near unplayable I thought you guys fixed these issues? Whenever I see a new base or literally any thralls their all invisible peoples structures are completely invisible an all I can see is all their stuff I can literally take anything I want it’s absolutely broken. I hit resources an they completely vanish then reappear after about 10 seconds another thing when I’m fighting animals or any NPC they stop moving completely an then all of a sudden I take sooooooo much damage! Another thing is I can’t even see my clan mates half the time when first meeting up with them or other players! What the heck is goin on!!!??? An for video proof since I know you won’t acknowledge till you see some proof here’s the link to my channel that I had viewers saying “wtf is wrong with your game?” raginsplager is my twitch look at the latest video that’s all the proof right there!

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I agree I’m having the same issues. My own base my friend was in and I could just see my stuff floating around. I even bought an external ssd bc everyone says that helps. Nope still game breaking problems. What’s sad is I absolutely love love love this game. I had a regular PS4. Decided to upgrade to pro before I knew of all these issues. It’s sad I almost regret upgraded to a PS4 pro because of this. Please guys just fix your game. I’ve spent so much money on a private server and all the dlc.


We have a new patch out, fam!