PC Hotfix (10.04.2019) - Event Log Privacy Settings and More


How about we get the full patch notes. You changed more than 4 things obviously.


Very happy for the thrall decay option and timer.
Anyway, the more options in the settings are great still, so yes, that’s indeed a very nice add. :smile:


when is the new DLC? I need to make the roof of the castle


Absolutely, do they think we’re stupid that we wouldn’t notice. Our server has been pitching a fit since this update. I’m sorry, If you’re going to drop a few GB patch, not a hotfix, a damn patch … give people a heads up for goodness sake!!!


some of the stuff is not actually functional, just in the db file. Any confirmation on anything IN GAME other than the 4 things listed that changed?

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Same attack as used with the Dregs worm. Head shots is a 1 skull monster.


Those have been in game for ages.


Please fix yamatai foundation and stair railings its useless right now


Care to elaborate?


This is true, especially with games using unreal - those .pak files are a fickle thing.


Is it testlive?


Hey Jens
On offical 1504, doors are still forgetting their auto-close status on server restart. I am guessing this fix was not for that problem then.


Im having the same problem and with elevators also


no, it’s in admin panel on live build

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Wanted to ask, is it intended for this bar to disappear on PC single player every time the player or the camera moves, or is it a bug?

If it is intended, will you consider an option for it to stay on screen? It is very handy when you can see your radial menu’s content at any time.


Bug Alert. Is it only me or this patch really broke tier 4 spawn rates? right after this patch I started to notice that tier 4 fighters are are respawning in the same location with 100% probability right after (well next gameplay day) you kill to capture them. They are suppose to be super unique with something like 1% of respawn chance, something is because now I can get one every like 15 minutes :). This happens around the broken bridge areas on the river, there are two spawn locations for tier 5 fighters there and I have never seen anything like that before, still investigating what happened.


There are some wanderers that will still respawn, yes.

Not sure what place you’re talking exactly. The noob-river, or the breach in the north ? In the north to near the breach, there are groups, and hunters, yes.

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New patch is out!

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