PC Hotfix Build 103818/18696 (10.07.2018)

So is the explosive damage and orb damage increase intended with this last patch? Or was it missed with the hotfix?

All figher and archer thralls starts on low HP every time they are loaded in.

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Would still like the No build around the Shrine of the oracle to not include the Building behind the statue

Did you try search the star metal node and farm it?

Server crashed twice so far since patch (private server). Other servers reporting the same, different providers.

I took some measurements:

From 100/100 to 0/100 thirst -> abt. 30 minutes
From 100/100 to 0/100 hunger -> abt. 45 minutes

Character was pretty much idle, she stayed inside a small sandstone hut all the time.
There was no temperature indication of any kind.

Gruel now spoils in 24 hours instead of 70+ before the patch.

(Server settings have not been changed. Playing single player/PC)

Thx for the Hotfix but what is with “Some of the NPCs you approach will sometimes not aggro or attack you, they will attack you as soon as you attack them” beside the fact thats nearly all creatures in the world, its still not fixed.
There is also no starmetall in the world since the update :confused:

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More thralls then before our under our base now. I would say we have around 50 thralls under the base geared, and we cant demo most of the foundations without dropping the base… I thought this was fixed in patch?

  • «Heaviest first» - option just resets on most crafting stations to the regular “custom” setting
  • Camera Shake – please, please please can we get option to turn this off? That shaking effect when
    harvesting . Im sure others hurting their eyes too from this effect.
  • Mouseover sound in inventories – option to turn off please, ears hurt when working inventory and crafting
    stations having to hear that dum-dum-dum sound all the time

Your thirst and hunger are also affected by the temperature, what you’re doing (standing, running, overencumbered, etc)… So you’d probably need to give more info regarding that in order to get an accurate reply.

Also, Gruel lasting 24 hours compared to 70+ doesn’t really matter since it’s not even hard to farm anyways, plus it’s only the topmost one in the stack that spoils.

Please consider making decay permanently 14 days or even 10 days. People do take week vacations in other months as well.

Updated my original post with details

You might think reducing the decay time of gruel from 70+ hours to 24 hours is of little consequence, however if it was nerfed intentionally, it should be in the patch notes. Otherwise it is another possible bug.

AI now is totaly useless. My archer and warriors totaly ignore enemy player. That must be fix very quickly. Enemy player now can totally ignore your archer and throw bombs without problems.

Edit 1: That reworked obsydian tools is really bad and need to fix it because you must go and create iron in smithy volcano. Iron craft speed is too slow and now obsydian tier is useless.

I have texture issues on amd radeon vega 56. hope you guys can fix it.

Cant post a pic to show you guys.

Has anyone found any crafting thralls higher than level 2 since the hotfix? I havent seen one all day.

Please fix jar damage and Star metal!!! jars are doing 25k to a foundation!!! and star metal is not spawning!

But appreciate the fixes

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what kind of jars?

normal explosive jars are now doing 25k damage to foundations instead of the 1
0k it used too

The dev’s are going on a 3 week vacation, all their buildings will be gone :slight_smile:

NB, Since tonights patch, all my large buildings have a 15 day decay timer on them. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing it any lower. Are you all living in 2x2’s?

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Our private server, which has 20+ players all day long had been crashing every few hours for the past week. Over the weekend, it has been worse than ever. (since the Mother came out)

I was sure it was something the clients were communicating to the server which caused it to shut down.

Since this patch came out, our server hasn’t crashed at all.
The game runs smoother and I have higher FPS now, just +10 or so.
My community are also happier.:sunglasses:

Other than the common issues well documented here, the only thing I find that ticks me off is that very few animals and NPC’s even move, let alone attack. You literally have to get in their face. Its not game breaking, but anyone new to the game will find the whole experience a bit lame, :baby_bottle: on easy peasy mode.

But, THANKS for the patch guys, it HAS helped. :+1:

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