[PC] LFG- New player

Hey all! Im 26 years old from the US, Looking for someone chill to play with while I learn the game.

Discord- GetRKouger#7111

If you’re looking to relax and play on a modded server, I just started a character on The Lost Isles. I’m new to the game too. I’m 37 with wife and kids, so mostly casual player. But definitely plan to be on during nights my wife is working.

edit: Mods are REALLY easy on the PC through the Steam Workshop. And you have to match the mods active in Conan with what the server has. We can talk about it later if you choose to check it out, or if you just want to know how to get it to work.

I might end up going over to this server too if it’s more active:

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Thanks for the recommendation, Ever! Lost Empire is very active, and we are newbie friendly. We have between 8 and 12 daily players. Plenty of room for you to build and conquer. Check us out as you like!

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@everand4ever Sorry it has taken so long. I havent been able to check the forums in quite some time. I would love to play on any server you suggest!

@Hokanu I will definitely check the server out! Thanks guys!!!

We are going to wipe the server in a few days. We have some settings that were broken, plus some patches have made conditions a little different. We’re experimenting with new settings and will re-launch soon. You’re always welcome in Discord or on the server anyway. Just telling you our status.

Server 1502 is always looking for active and new players or if you like to play on Unofficial server with X2 rates

here is the direct link i’m also on discord

I run an Official clan of 3 on the official servers. We are all 26+ of age. You are welcome to join us. we are avg level 30 at the moment

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I am down! what is your discord?

Hello We have 15 slots on are server aswell we are pvp so u can ether join one the the 2 clans on the server atm or make your own clan its up too you add me on discord if u wanna join

User name is : PainTrain#6088

I’ll pass it to you this evening man. Add BlindsideEU on steam from the UK

Join us here if you’re still looking
https:// discord.gg/bJ4u4um