🔥 [PC/LFM] Clan Recruiting | +5 slots | Combined experiece of over 10k hours

O/ Exiles
I’m Tormentor, leader of the Legion clan.
We play on my server Tormentia, currently we have about 11 clans ingame.

We have 5 slots to fill in the Legion and this is what we are looking for :

  • (Age) 25+
  • Active
  • Group oriented players.
  • Willing to learn more about the game
  • We would like players with some experience with the game, don’t have to be a super vet just need u to know the basics, what’s a pick used for, how to get wood, how to use a sword.
  • Most important of all, players who understand the concept of trust and camaraderie.
  • Roles: Any but you’ll have to be ready to fight at any given time and defend your clan.

Add me on Steam : Oldtormentor
Join the server: Tormentia
Or message me here I’ll get back to you.

As a clan we support each other, defend each other, we have been playing for a bit over a year together so we operate under a circle of trust. Most of us play at nights or around 19:00 hrs + (ET) and during weekends. We all have lives and responsabilities beyond the game.

Hope you can give us a try :crossed_swords:

One down, 4 to go =)

two down, 3 to go.

got 3 already. looking for 2 more.

I’m interestedt, i must be dumb af can’t find how to pm here lol

Hi Tormentor,

I was just notified that my server is closing in 2 days. This had been my 5th server. Over 700 hours logged. I like to play. So I am looking for a new server and a clan would be nice. I know where almost everything is. My 2 bases have all named thralls. But It might be fun to start over, again.

Big Kahuna