(PC) Multiple issues outlined Bugs - Omissions - Errors

Platform: PC
Game mode: Private Testlive
Version: 94750/17645
Problem: Multiple issues - bugs - omissions - Errors

(reposted from Reddit with one addition)

Along with the common ones, ie Thralls disappearing, sinking, floating, and the Religions being borked, the Crimson lotus powder isn’t happening.

*There are several LOREs that are out of Sync, subtitles missing and typos.

*There are Two (2) Bragas.

*His "People"s subtitles are missing giving a [??]Values (I was busy fighting for my life so no screen shots) instead of what was being said. It happened more than once, seemingly when there were multiple mobs (thralls) charging you.

*Razma’s and the Harlet’s lore, some of the subtitles are missing/out of sync with the speech.

*Still getting the multiple MOBs spawning inside one another. Noticed it with the Wights last night in the Mounds. You find out the one is actually three or four fighting you at once.

*Great decrease in animals. Sadly cannot go out to the forests and find wolves at every turn… or any other animal. It makes the long journeys seem empty, mindless and boring.

*Cleaver not giving heads when butchering animals

*Temperature with Armor is sorely in need of balancing. Plus the weights of Armor are disproportionate.

*Bows, stop messing up the bows please. Every village/camp has archers. Curtailing archery for players is not advisable. Allow players to choose, strength/melee, accuracy/range, and don’t bastardize the archery just because you don’t want it.

*Eating anything seems to decrease your health briefly before it starts to regenerate.

*NO OWNER is glaring and we have lost a good number of clanless players because of this. (it would be helpful if there was an admin function to be able to take ownership and transfer ownership of structures/items to a given player.) SUGGESTION: Perhaps, with the issue of ownership, someone could look at using the door as a means of designating ownership. Destroy the door (admin only) and then a player can take over the ownership of the base by crafting and placing their own door. It would save having to demolish builds (for those of us without decay), recycling bases and helping others who might otherwise not be so crafty in building their own base.

*Building issues still arise. The constant bounce and sink through/in of foundations and ceiling pieces is beyond annoying. It does not matter the Tier of the building piece.

Upgrading from Sandstone all the way up to Black ice and still sinking/falling through the object. Even the loot bags falling through so you have to either a) delete the foundation with out deleting the bag, or go down to the next level to find it (in time).

*Vertical/angled beams give no support and disappear arbitrarily.

*Snapping needs to have a means of being turned off. It is consistently inconsistent. (adding an additional foundation/ceiling shape would be great, too, like a right angle piece or something mathematically functional)

*Quick slot bar covers part of the CHAT window.

*Items appearing/disappearing from the Quick slot bar, locking you into an action you don’t want/weren’t attempting

*Numerous missing FEATS and ICONS of objects within your inventory/storage chests et al.

*Smoker not smoking food.

*Display racks not displaying weapons at all.

*Same weapon having different stats. This might be a before/after patch issue. But some of the pieces that were notably New seem to have a discrepancy from one creation to the next.

*Splash screens upon game load - PC yet has Xbox/PS4 related TIPS, ie the A within the Circle - game controller tips.

  • Unable to Favorite server - Every new start to the game regardless of a relog out of the game, or fresh start, have to reselect the server favorite.

5 days to go, and gotta wonder if it will be playable. Sorry but what was functional/working before update #33 has fast become a drag on the game in it’s borked absence.