[PC | NA] Border Kingdom RP/PVP - New players welcomed!

Border Kingdom is an RP/PVP server that wants to add people to the growing population.

Our philosophy is that PVP should enhance the RP experience but not detract from the said experience. We have an active mature player base and want new players to take part in the server to help build the community.

Max capacity of the server: Currently 30, but will increase as needed.

Discord: https://discord.gg/MMTm9xq

The server is OPEN to all!

Server Settings:

  • VAC Protection: Enabled

  • Items in inventory are dropped on death

  • Anyone can loot player corpses

  • Harvest Amount Multiplier: 2.0

  • Combat mode: Player vs Player

  • Experience Multiplier: 1.0

  • Thrall Conversion Multiplier: 1.0

  • Item Conversion Multiplier: 0.5

  • Idle Thirst Multiplier: 1.0

  • Active Thirst Multiplier: 1.0

  • Idle Hunger Multiplier: 1.0

  • Active Hunger Multiplier: 1.0

  • Restrict PVP Building Damage: Off

  • Durability Multiplier: 0.1

  • Day Cycle Speed: 0.3

  • Dawn to Dusk Speed: 0.3

  • Unconscious Time: 1,200.0 sec

  • Max Clan Size: 10

  • Community: Role Playing

  • NPC Damage: 2.5x

  • God Avatars Enabled: No, Admins only for RP events

  • Containers Ignore Ownership: yes

  • The Purge Activated: Yes

The server has an active admin team that manages the server.

Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/conanexiles/2559266

Peak Play Times: 5:00 to 10:00 EST

The server is mod free.

Server Ruleset:

This is an RP server with PVP elements, we hope that PVP/ Raiding / KOSing will help the RP experience but should not be the sole focus of this server. We wish to build a community of like-minded players. Respect one another as people and have fun with the game as it is just that a game. The entire simple rule set listed in discord.

Server Lore:

Conan Lore (movies, comics, RPGs, other authors who have written Conan stories)

Other Custom Lore: You may choose how your character was brought to the exile lands, the opening narration does not have to be how you were introduced.

Example RP lore:

With the Khitan Empire in the throes of an unending and brutal civil war, The Mountain Blade Clan was part of a large Khitan war fleet, one of the many factions vying for control of the Empire. On the eve of battle, the great fleet was broken up in an immense typhoon, scattering the surviving ships to the shores of the exiled lands. The survivors were tricked by the Black Hand Pirates into placing the bracelets to gain untold power.

Forced to reside in these lands, The Mountain Blade Clan built and stewards the seaport town of New Xi-Tan. Currently ruled by the aging Daimyo atop the newly constructed Red Lotus Castle engaged in their now unending war against the Black Hand Pirates.

Edwarso, Zingaran Pirate, Mercenary, and lover of life.

You find a weakly scrawled note half buried in the dirt beside your feet

I don’t know if anyone will ever find this, or if whomever does will even care to hear this story.

I was born a slave and I believed that I would always live my days out in that manner until I was tossed aside in death and forgotten in the dirt somewhere no one would ever even look, I was lucky that was not how my story ended.

One fateful day my master had taken me to the so called “Lemurians” that survive on the eastern coast of the exiled lands, in hopes he could have me ‘trained’ by those lust worshipping acolytes of Derketo to better serve him. It was when he ordered me to partake in one of their ritualistic orgies that I for the first time in my life spoke up against my master and refused his order. His displeasure was clear, but as to not embarrass himself he took me beneath their sanctuary, down near the waters edge where I was sure I would be left for dead after his savagery was finished. But again, that was not to be my end.

It was here that I first laid eyes upon the Zingaran pirate, he emerged from the water itself like some kind of sea creature, men and women of his crew behind him. My master was yelling, cursing me for my insubordination, he didn’t notice them until the Zingarans blade had removed his hand, quickly followed by his head. It was then that he spoke, “I take no pleasure in watching a beautiful woman be beaten, an I’m sure you wouldn’t either, no?” His smile was hauntingly warm and inviting.

Posted are some landmarks from the server.

First is the Red Lotus Castle, home of the Mountain Blades!


Another land mark: Iron Breaker Citadel

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