PC-NA-CST Savage Exiles PvP Server

What is best in life!?

Looking for a private PVP server to avoid exploiters on PC?

Come join Savage Exiles PvP Server!

North America

Server IP:
Server player cap: 70 players
Player XP multiplier: 10x
Player harvesting multiplier: 5x
Gods: Not enabled. Bubbles are allowed for defense
Max Clan Size: 10 players
Raid Time: 6pm-11pm CST
Server will reboot at 6AM PST & 1PM PST Daily
Public Map Room around every Obelisk
Savage Exiles has Pippi Mod

Pippi Mod for admins and travel after raid time - Exploiting will get you banned. No crip bleed glitching/scripting/dupping or meshing allowed.

Active Admins who wants to create a home for new and veteran PvPers. Admins won’t be active in wars his full focus will be creating a fair environment for Conan lovers. Anything goes, same as official, except we have an admin that can ban exploiters thus enhancing our Conan experience. Admin has littered the world with bunkers to blow up with goodies inside and holds events with prizes. (I’m not the Admin, just a former dweller of the server.) Map rooms at all Obelisks. Arena brawl every Sunday.

Come join today!!

20+ active players and growing! Still have space for more. :slight_smile:

30-40+ active members a night. Still plenty of space to claim.

Admin hosts Arena Tournament Sundays at 5pm EST

40+ active people a day. Easy to level. Plenty of unclaimed land, arena event on Sundays.

40+ active members a night. Come claim your land and vanquish your enemies!

Looking for a new adventure?! Still plenty of room. Fast lvl and thralls. You’re just in time to get to 60 to make it to the arena brawl on Sunday!

Still looking for players to join!

Is the server offline? Not showing up on the list right now…

still up and running. :slight_smile:

Still growing and looking for members!

any room for a new player? I am US est

Always room for more! Come join!

Always looking for more to join!

Pippi mod has been added to ad in things admin.

Looking for new blood to come join the fun!

Still looking for people to join! :smiley: