[PC] New PVE Server 5/13 Levels Count

This server is focused on putting the importance back into every level and challenging veteran players by needing levels and moving through the iron, steel, hardened steel, and star metal periods with purpose.

Leveling - all modes of xp are set to .3 This means it may take some time to level compared to the standard game.
Harvest - set to 2x
Crafting time .8
Thrall wheel set to .5

Feats - When leveling comes slow you treasure those feats, have to think through which ones you’ll pick first, and actually look forward to and enjoy each level as you earn it.

Thralls - say goodbye to blunt arrow and blunt javelin knockouts. That’s right you’ll have to get dirty to knock out thralls and not rush to level 35 . Remember the authority ability gives you concussive knock out damage. If you try to knock out thralls without points in it at low level it will be really hard.

Re-balancing - You are the Hero. You take .5 damage now, be the leader you were born to be. You also have 2x the health. Don’t get cocky kid, the NPC’s are hitting for 1.5x the damage. Your thralls are also hitting for .6 damage. Be careful out there, your thralls are now more equal partners in the fight. If one goes down, the thrall wheel is set at .5 to help you get back in the game with new thralls if needed.

Mods - This is a frugal list to keep the server running smooth yet add some spice to life.

Improved Quality of Life
Resource Stack Size - Plus
Tier 4 Followers Mild increase of spawn
Better Thralls (for truncheon/weapon switching only)
Kerozards Paragon Leveling Reloaded
Based on player feedback we have added - Archery Evolved,Blackthorn Pets and Mounts., and Fashionist.
When the playerbase levels closer to 50 we will discuss adding EEWA.

Restarts twice daily and server backups daily

Use the direct connect below to find the server.

30 Slot server Direct Connect -

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After almost a week of operation we have a playerbase ranging from level 5 to 40 with most at level 20-30. Come join the challenge.