PC NFO Darktide NA is back. Fresh start!


Darktide is back folks. Hardcore PVP. Active and fair admins as before. The server as before is hosted through Nuclear fallout servers and is currently supporting 40 people. Spots will go up if the demand for it is needed. About a year ago we had the number one server in the world and had a very good run before we shutdown due to the state of the Rough Beta. We are now back on its official release to make it happen again.

Gathering is set to 1.5 and that’s about the only change. Come test you skills and against other players who want you dead.

Server is very strong and lag free “better be for what I paid for it”. Server is out of Chicago so anyone can join. So come get Some!

IP: Port: 7777


Also no bodies left while logged out.


Lets roll guys. Active admins who Just admin.


No time limits on pvp or raiding as well. Will change other things depending on server players.