Darktide PVP. Former #1 server in the world Fresh Start

First off let me say welcome to the players. This is a fresh 40 person server that can and will be upgraded if needed. The server is hosted out of Chicago to give players from both East and West the best connectivity possible. It is also host by NFO=Nuclear Fallout Servers, who is the most powerful Gaming hosting servers you can get. Trust me the bill is big.
Trust worthy admins. We don’t play we just make sure that the game is running the best for you, the players. Also make sure no one is Hacking or abusing land blocks and so on. We will also Restart the server daily on set time To make sure it is running as smooth as possible. If you have played on the official server you know that it can get a bit rubber bandy. This server also has auto update.

*Base raiding times will be set from 4pm-11pm pst. weekends may be a bit long but for now we will keep it the same.

*Loot. 2.5. official is set to 2. This is so if you are raided it is not such a task to rebuild.

*XP. will be set to 1.5. Its easy to level already. how ever we gave ya a little bump.

A server discord is set up with separate clan rooms and a clan recruiting room. You may also get a hold of a Admin if you need. This is for you the players. Hurry and come get a head start on the fresh server.

Port 7777