[PC] [North America] The Tree of Woe Official Server (Relaxed, PVP)

Come join our Newly opened Conan Exiles Server
The Tree of Woe Official Server
Active Admins, moderation team, Relaxed PVP.
Tree of Woe Official Discord Server and Rules:
Discord . gg / Kew2BED
Conan Exiles Server Direct IP Connect:

  1. This discord is a place to for all in the Tree of Woe conan server
  2. Toxic behavior (bullying, doxxing, witch hunting, etc.) is not tolerated.
  3. Do not ask for ranks, they are earned.
  4. Keep conversations relevant to the room you are in and do not spam.
  5. No ■■■■, Gore, or talk of suicide in chat rooms
  6. Be kind and understanding.
  7. Have fun. smile
  8. If you insult the admins, you’re gonna have a bad time.
  9. No spam or ungodly walls of text.
  10. No stealing peoples usernames or nicknames. Don’t pretend to be someone else.
  11. Do not use alternate accounts to evade bans or mutes.
  12. Rule breaking will be handled case by case. Retroactive rules may be put in place if needed.
  13. No profane usernames or nicknames
  14. Changing your name every other week is not allowed
  15. I will allow up to 5 clan chats on the channel for those that want to only talk with their clan. I will also have a total in game chat as well.
    Lastly: Be respectful and have fun.
    Current Server Population limit is #40 players but may be increased to 64 depending on popularity."