*New Server* The Tree of Woe - Casual RP/PVP - Weekend Raiding (PC) Wiped 6/23

THE TREE OF WOE - June 23, 2018
Conan Exiles RP and PVP for mature adults

This server is intended for mature adult gamers to enjoy low-stress low-drama friendly PVP and Role-playing.

Raids will be weekend evenings only. PVP will be enabled at all times.

While this is a PVP server, we intend to enforce a strong Role-playing element on the server.To accomodate this, ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE CONAN LORE APPROPRIATE NAMES. If you want to play the character 420Sm0keyTitz, this server is not for you.

All ‘local’ communication must be In-Character.

Other than that, at this point we will not be enforcing any role-play behavior. KOS, offline-raiding, etc. will be tolerated.

Role-played PVP interactions will be rewarded. In the near-future we will implement a system of rewarding players that engage in quality role-play interaction before, during and/or after PVP or Raiding. Coming Soon

All communication, either Voice, Global, Local, or in Discord, must be respectful and mature. Personal attacks, racist comments, sexual harassment, or any other sustained behavior or communication that is deemed by the Admin or Moderators to be generating a toxic environment will result in removal from the server. We are here to enjoy each others’ company, not to endure personal flaming attacks.

It should go without saying, but sadly does not, that any use of game exploits, hacks, cheats, scripts, macros etc. will result in an immediate ban.

Raid times will be limited to 1600 to 2300 (4pm to 11pm) EST on weekends only. We are working adults with children, we want to be able to enjoy the excitement of the game but on a schedule that allows for us to deal with real life!

Building spam is something we do not tolerate. Any clan, regardless of number of members, is limited in the number and size of buildings they may have as follows:
One and only one Tier 1 base, limited to roughly 5x5x3 in size.
One and only one Tier 2 base, limited to roughly 8x8x6 in size.
One and only one Tier 3 base, a base entirely built of T3 may be of any size.

Note: we understand that many will build in tier 1 then upgrade to a higher tier. This is perfectly acceptable and allowed as long as sustained progress is made. If Admin or Moderators feel that excessive time is being taken to upgrade, a clan will be spoken with and a timeline / schedule will be generated.

If an Admin or Moderator note a building that seems to be abandoned, a sign will be placed near the structure in question. Members of that clan have ~ 1 week to respond or the building will be removed.

All these building rules are to keep our server clutter-free and sustainably new-player friendly. They will hopefully promote a generation of a “home base” with a limited number of ‘outposts’, forcing clans to make hard choices.

Server settings:

XP is 1x
Gather is 1.9x (nearly identical to 2x, but only one unique item received, such as Heads or Keys)
Day is slightly longer; Night is slightly shorter
NPCs are slightly meaner (hit harder, and take more hits to kill)
Crafting speed is slightly accelerated
Building Abandonment is Active

Admin and Moderator events we intend to grow in to:

-Admin generated bases open to be raided, some of the loot will be very worthwhile!

-Capture the Throne game for participating clans: instead of raiding someone to steal all their things (which you probably have plenty of anyway!), participate in the Capture the Throne game for admin-awarded prizes!

-Silver and Gold will be used to purchase admin-generated items. Price list / guidelines coming soon!

-Admin and Moderator run server-wide story encounters that affect everyone on the server, including such things as temporary or even permanent setting changes!

-Much more being considered, and we’re open to support player-inspired or player-run events as well!

Server IP: (Query Port: 28915)
Discord link: https://discord.gg/ebeZ8Rg

We look forward to having you join us!

We’ve started our first server-wide story quest! Come join as the Followers of the Wurm being to scout the southern lands!

He was thinking poorly of his choices in life. Things had always been hard, but all his attempts to make things better for himself had only made things harder. And now, here he was…in some nameless desert. The wounds from his crucifixion were healing; they itched and hindered his work, but they were healing.

He was not alone in this desert. Other people, exiles like him, were here. Some were Darfari: they tried to eat him. Others were simply trying to kill him for what little he carried: tools of iron, clothes of leather. Every time he left the small stone dwelling he’d built with his bloody hands, he seemed to run in to more. Most of them were unskilled, they fell easily. Fools. His home grew, he worked tirelessly. He took all this desert had to give to him, including the fools that attacked him. He began to break them to his will and put them to work for himself.

He was a follower of Derketo. He needed her help, he knew. Things were hard, and he had much work to do just to survive. So he began adding a large shrine to her at his homestead. It was progressing well, he was taking a short break for water and a bite to eat, when he noticed that he was not alone. But this was not a mindless exile attacking him with wanton hubris. This was an apparition…an old bearded white-haired man, dressed all in white, floated above his makeshift shrine.

A voice filled his mind. Not a sound, really, but an understanding of communication that did not rely on his ears.

“I come to you with grave tidings, mortal! Hear me! Listen, and heed!”
He was frozen in place. Fear, surprise, shock, and something else. He tried to draw his weapon, but was unable. He listened, and stared, and stood as a statue, helpless.

“They come from the north. They come to find souls to feed It. Long they have worshiped It, long has the world thought them gone, but the Followers of the Wurm spring forth, and they are strong! They will seek you, all of you. You mortals will have your souls stripped away and fed to the Wurm, making It strong as It slouches from from Its long sleep! You must find the others. You must unite them against the Followers of It, and keep the Wurm from waking! This the gods speak, this they command. Hear me, mortal, and fear The Wurm!”

With these last words the apparition rose straight up and faded…dispersing like a fog in a breeze.

He was alone again, and it seemed his work was only just beginning.

The power of the Followers of the Wurm is growing, and the exiles need your help!

Wurm scouts have been found and killed, leading to retaliation by the Wurm forces. The exiles found a fortified outpost, heavily defended…but none have been brave enough to attack!

In addition to the Wurm Cult storyline, we’re also implementing a currency system that allows player to buy things not available in game, as well as giving them the ability to build more outposts/bases. Come join us, defeat the Wurm, and see what comes next!