A new year, a fresh start! Nights of Woe PC PVP/RP Weekend Raids AOC

NIGHTS OF WOE - New for 2021!

Conan Exiles PVP and RP for mature adults

This server is intended for mature adult gamers to enjoy low-stress low-drama friendly PVP and Role-playing. The server has very slow rates, the focus being on enjoying the journey, not rushing to the end, and engaging in mutually fun PvP, Raiding, and Roleplaying

Raids will be weekends only from 1100-2300 EST. PVP will be enabled at all times.

While this is a PVP server, we intend to encourage a strong Role-playing element on the server.To accomodate this, ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE CONAN LORE APPROPRIATE NAMES. If you want to play the character 420Sm0keyTitz, this server is not for you.

Other than that, at this point we will not be enforcing any role-play behavior. KOS, offline-raiding, etc. are explicitly allowed!

All communication, either Voice, Global, Local, or in Discord, must be respectful and mature. Personal attacks, racist comments, sexual harassment, or any other sustained behavior or communication that is deemed by the Admin or Moderators to be generating a toxic environment will result in removal from the server. We are here to enjoy each others’ company, not to endure personal flaming attacks.

It should go without saying, but sadly does not, that any use of game exploits, hacks, cheats, scripts, macros etc. will result in an immediate ban.

Building Rules

All clans are allowed to build within the following rules:

  • One main base. Any size, and Tier.

  • One major outpost (limited to Tier 2, 8x8x6).

  • One minor outpost (limited to Tier 1, 5x5x3).

Note: we understand that many will build in tier 1 then upgrade to a higher tier. This is perfectly acceptable and allowed as long as sustained progress is made.

These building rules are to try to keep our server clutter-free and sustainably new-player friendly. They will hopefully promote a generation of a “home base” with a limited number of ‘outposts’, forcing clans to make hard choices.

All clans/players should endeavor to build lore-appropriate buildings. We’d rather not see giant cubes on the skyline, and certainly not on top of mountain spires. Feel free to build where and how you like, but please try to build something with character, not just a cube.

PVP/Raiding Rules

With limited raid times, I think only a few rules are needed:

-Building/replacing while being raided is forbidden

You may repair all you like/can, but do NOT place new or replacement doors,

walls, ceilings, etc.

-Thrall/pet limit is going to be 10 per clan + 2 per person.

Better Thralls Rules

Better Thralls mod is enabled, and each player may have one additional follower- you are allowed to have one Thrall and one Pet following at the same time (in addition to your horse). You are not allowed to have two Thralls; one Thrall and one Pet only.

Mods (in order)

Better Thralls
Immersive Armors
Age of Calamitous
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod

Server settings:

XP is 0.5x

Gather is 1.5x

Day is slightly longer; Night is slightly shorter

Building Damage is reduced by half - you’ll need twice as many bombs!

Building Abandonment is Active

Body stays when you log out; Drop all loot on death

Purges are enabled and slightly accelerated: you should get purged a bit more often than vanilla

Server IP: (Query Port: 29015)

Discord link: https://discord.gg/AvrGceM

We look forward to having you join us!

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We’ve added Hosav’s UI Mod and Immersive Armors. Updated Mod Order List above…see you soon!

Our community is growing, and we’d like to have more people enjoying our unique playstyle!

We are a slow-grow server, with .5XP rate, if you want to enjoy the journey instead of rushing to the end, join us!

We continue to grow, and are looking for more mature players that are looking for some conflict and raiding fun! Come join our unique playstyle where the journey is the fun, not the destination!