[PC] Official 1084 PvP: Russian clan without a name spamming vaults, glitching trough doors. BAN THEM ASAP!

So I went on the official server 1084 PvP [PC] a week ago. I am exploring the map and suddently I see allot of vaults, and I check which clan they belong to. Owned by: (nothing here). At that point I was already suprised.

So I notice the global chat and allot of people are calling out 3 people on this server for cheating/glitching.
Names are: Sand Storm (SteamID: ivan), Detektiv_Astro - Dolphin (SteamID: Detektiv_Astro - Dolphin) and Putin.

And okay spamming vaults and having no name its not a very big deal. But then we got randomnly attacked by Sand storm and well we killed him and followed him around. So we seen them glitching trough Thrall Base doors and stealing gruel and other things.

They also glitch stuff trough mountains and inside those mountains. Look its all fun and games that those russians play here but atm they are making the game a unfair and unplayable and people are leaving because of this small group of players.

I wanna see them banned asap. They are atm ruining the gaming experience for allot of people. And ive seen many other posts about russian cheating and glitching on other server while I was checking the forums.

Hope you can do something about these people.

Thanks in advance!


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