Players turning off pvp damage and farming AGAIN in same server (pvp EU 1312)


Another hacker is back again and broke the damage AGAIN, theres another hacker member of the same clan, Raymond Reddington is his name, he even tell us that he will stop if we say that val and grimm didnt hack… this kids are INCREDIBLE!


Yeah their whole clan cheats please ban all of them and destroy their structures… because we cant play like this they just wont stop coming here and ruining my time with this game. Now another 2 of them joined the chat and are talking that they been unbanned etc … can we just get a good perma ban hammer time for all of their clan members just because they associate with cheaters like most game developers would do if that was the case?


This is ruining the server big time. Plz come down on them hard Funcom. The clan name is Closed Circle


Yes and now theres another hacker of the same clan named “Jiânsù” threatening again with hacking the server again…


Admins are witnesses, you dont need to invent now any defense. By the way this guy Jiansu uses and used bots to ddos the server… he is very proud as you can see in chat

Apart from being very nasty and offensive


Do you understand the concept of trying to get people scared as a strategy? If you do so then I don’t believe it would be hard for me to say anything. As long as its not backed up you can’t do nothing. Also we did nothing similar to the chinese using scripts or bots is an well known in game bug which is yet to be fixed just bcz you don’t know it is not my fault. Developers can check the server logs I hope or see if we did anything worth banning. I am not banned as I have not done nothing wrong sweetie <3. Keep enjoying the server xxaxaxa!


Look at that sweet abuse


See what I mean is even worth listening to this type of people. They are just salty over a game honestly if someone should be banned it should be them lol.


Look at that them lot trying to frame me so they do know the bug. Nice work developers banned the wrong people innit?


You both literally screwed up… and at fault so I mean bye.




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