[PC] [Official-PVP] [America] The Muppets are Recruiting

Are you an experienced player looking to join a tribe?

Are you new to the game and looking to learn?

Are you looking for a small, but active group of people to play with?

If yes, consider joining The Muppets! Currently, we are a tribe of three looking to grow. We have our own discord and have characters on two servers (but focusing on one server for now). We are between 21 and 31 years old and would prefer to have more players that are 21+.

Feel free to drop a comment below if you’re interested in joining!

Muppet character names are encouraged!

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Hello i am new to the game and would love to join. I am an adult and am just looking to join a group to play with as i know these games are much better of an experience with friends.
my discord is Wheelz. and i would give you steam profile link but it doesn’t let you post links

Hi Wheelz! Hit me up on discord:


I added you sent you a message, thanks man.

We are still looking for 3 more people!

Still looking for additional recruits!

I’m looking for a fresh start. hit me up


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Still looking to recruit 2 more members!

Hi, i’m a 26 yo french, and i aldreay have some experience on conan and i want to find a cool clan with fun and no pressure ^^

My steam tag : minilui29

miniluigi#4041 for discord

Can’t seem to find you on discord. Feel free to look me up:

We’re also on server #1653. See if you can join that server.

hello I’m looking to join! conan exiles ps4

My old clan quit because of bugs and getting raided by exploiters, but I still really love the pvp in this game when it is working and play on PC.

ECON#0343 discord I’ll add you Gonzo, let me know if you are looking for a really active solid pvper

Still looking to add 1-2 more people!

hey I m interested in joining. my discord is Goodehotline #0492.