PC Patch (25.06.2020) - Some music, AI and server browser fixes

We have the same problem. I can search by name, it has 9999 ping and Age “???” (whats this? :open_mouth: )
Although I can connect with direct IP.

As an update referring to GTX - ‘We have been updated on the issue and it seems the devs are looking into it’ so we shall watch that space.

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I run a private server for a couple friends. After fully updating both the server and my client I am unable to connect due to a version incompatibility error. I can’t share an image of the error as I’m new to the forums so here’s the error in text:

Client connecting with invalid version. LocalNetworkVersion: 1889666013, RemoteNetworkVersion: 1901667458

Perhaps this is an error on my end because of my method of updating? This is the script I use to update the server (I run the server through Wine on my local Ubuntu server):

screen steamcmd +@sSteamCmdForcePlatformType windows +login anonymous +app_update 443030 +exit

Does anyone have a solution to get either the live client downgraded to the server’s version or the server upgraded some how past what the steam update servers will allow?

Fixed: I clarified the install directory for my update and validated the update. I am now able to connect without error.

screen steamcmd +@sSteamCmdForcePlatformType windows +login anonymous +force_install_dir [SERVER PATH] +app_update 443030 validate +exit

Broken again . Log in and 3 to 5 minutes later get kicked out. Server also shows as dead on Battlemetrics since the last update. Definitely not a good thing to happen to server owners. Streamline Server is the host used for this server.


thanks for the update.

Favorites seems to be working now, as well as fall damage.

Would it be possible to remove the version string in the lower right corner? Or at least hide it when you go into vanity mode so it is not showing on screenshots.

Two options for you to manage this yourself :slight_smile:

This was posted on the Steam forums by the user baronofdoom, and is relevant for people who want to take screenshots of their builds.

1. Go to Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox
2. Using Notepad or Notepad ++, open ConanSandbox.uproject
3. Scroll to the "Plugins" section
4. Locate "Name": "VersionOSD",
5. Change "Enabled": true, to ------> "Enabled": false,

Narelle also posted this on our discord as an alternative method.

1. Go to \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Config\Windows
2. In WindowsEngine.ini set dw.OSD.Scale=0 (default value is 1)

Well I’m on a Verygames server (and they rent OVH server) with the same issue. (Except we don’t have enough time to log in before the crash), but I’ve not even tried to contact their support. For them, it’s always Funcom fault, even when that’s clearly not the case… So I’m waiting for a patch.

Especially since Verygames doesn’t have other machine than multihome.

Hello, I’m running a private server hosted by GTX and am having the same error log as you. Based on the rest of this thread, it looks like this error has something to do with the new patch and something on GTX’s side.

Anyway, I’m posting my error log here as well:

[2020.06.25-12.39.53:996][110]LogThreadingWindows:Error: Runnable thread SourceServerQueries crashed.
[2020.06.25-12.39.53:996][110]LogWindows:Error: === Critical error: ===
[2020.06.25-12.39.53:996][110]LogWindows:Error: Fatal error!
[2020.06.25-12.39.53:996][110]LogWindows:Error: Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW
[2020.06.25-12.39.53:996][110]LogWindows:Error: !0x0000000000000000
[2020.06.25-12.39.53:996][110]LogWindows:Error: Crash in runnable thread SourceServerQueries

On GTX here as well, and mine’s been crashing all morning since the update.

I’d advise anyone with the issue to submit a support ticket to your hosting company so that you can be apprised of updates for when a workaround or configuration fix is presented. At least then you’ll be kept in communication and they’ll have you on their radar for a server that needs attention.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to keep mine shutdown so as to avoid unnecessary complications.

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Me too re hosted with GTX. Their Devs are working on a solution. Discord has mentioned that moving servers to different server IP fixes it. Will watch that space. Only mentioning this as other Admins hosting elsewhere with same issue may find this is a solution for them too.

If you are the Admin, log a ticket with GTX as a reference.

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Thank you.

automatic failed to login as soon as I launch the game now…

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Steam Connect URL still isn’t working:
Steam pops up a box stating:
“Unable to connect to server.
app id specified by server is invalid”

Example Steam URL is:

This connects to Official Server #1504 PvE

Thanks for the favorites.

Now we need a battlemetrics like tool to check the servers before playing.

  • how many players per day chart
  • how many play time in total per day chart
  • how many play time per day per player chart (mask the id for anonymous)
  • total play time for each player (mask the id for anonymous) (since start and last 30 days).

Then I can choose a server, for example max 10 players, max 2 000 hours per month in total of play time for all players, no player with more that 200 hours in total in the server and no nolife player with 12h or more of play time per day :slight_smile:


The probably took the same solution from the testlive patch and reworded it to be more accurate. I assume they’re still working toward the full fix.

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I’m seeing another issue, but on an Official server, I start fine at 60 fps but drop to 5-10 fps as I either play or just stand there. In 3 hrs of game play I restarted 7 times. If I die, I have to restart, if I go from my place to New Asagarth, I have to restart.

I have it all recorded in the live stream I’m trying to do atm. I’ll update here when I get more info as I’m trying to figure this out. Never had this issue before when streaming, or at least not this bad.

When will the patch for the console be released ?

So, do you still experiencing crashes currently? Do we have to wait for an update from Funcom?

Yes, the crashes persist.

Does Funcom know about this? Coz yeah, it becomes really hard to be patient… Like two patch in a row, some servers are broken…