PC - Personnal Server not showing in Server Browser

No matter what keyword I put and which filter I use (even tried invalid server on) my server will not appear although we are 15 active connected every night. Even after the scan is finished and cap at 5k.

I have doubled check regional and community and playstyle settings several time.

Can you please tell me how to do so that my server will appear if someone type it’s name or keywords in it ? I can’t make my community grow without this.

ID :

Does someone care ? Does Funcom give a f*** ? Is this supposed to be a support channel ? Is 2 day and counting the expected response time ? If not can someone tell where I can get legit support (you know the kind of mandatory support a company provides with a pruchased product ?).

I mean because I went here right, https://www.funcom.com/help/ and I have only two options.

  1. Use Twitter : did that, no answer
  2. Use forum : did that, no answer

There is written “Email Support” below that : but there is nothing there.



Hi there,

I am very sorry for the long wait. The devs are aware of this issue and will hopefully have a fix sometime soon for it. That being said, it doesnt help you solve the problem now. A current workaround now is to you the Direct Connect feature to join your server by IP. To promote your server to get more players to join, you can always post information about the server in the Dedicated Servers section of these forums. It isn’t ideal but doing this will allow you to promote your server while the issue is being fixed.

As for not seeing the email support boxes, I can assure you that they are there. There might be something in the background that is hiding these options. Does this issue appear after you have cleared your browser cache? Also, does this issue appear on any other browser?

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