Trouble finding server

This has been an ongoing issue for me. I rage quit a few months ago because I could not log onto a server I had been playing on. I had been on an official server for some time but at some point in time, the server I was on would no longer show in the queue. It went on for days. Because of this, I lost everything.

I recently got a g-portal server and reinstalled the game. The same issue occurs. Just goofing around, we found that the desktop computer is the only one with this problem. I verified the download. Still, same problem. If I have been on a server, it won’t show except rarely. Other servers will show but it doesn’t cycle through all of them. May stop searching after 20-30 servers. If we log in on a laptop that I have, we have no problem. Both computers use the same router.

Any idea where to begin? Thanks.


You dont specify your platform but why dont you just direct connect to the server by using its ip. It is much quicker and more reliable than waiting for it to show up in the list.

Private servers.

I invite you to official server 1094. Here you can realize your plans and test the server performance. Usually there is a good ping and server doesnt shut down for no reason.

Does this post have any relevance to anything at all? Are you saying he is having this issue because he is using private server because he states he first had this happen on an official. Or are you suggesting that he should instead switch over to private servers? Because I personally have seen this exact issue constantly on private servers as well. It is extremely annoying to have to log into discord just to look up their IP address to direct connect when I know their server is up yet the game just refuses to find the server when it should just pop up in my favorites. This post however, should be moved to the bug / report section of the forum.


I invite you to LatinWorld server multi languages with more that 30 mods and a good admin service cool armors and much more comme get a place in the battlefield

What an informative response. Thank you for the well though out answer.