Servers keep getting lost

Im tired of starting over again, i thought i fixed this by making certain servers favorite, but at level 40, i came back discover a need for a password, and then with another server at level 60, i got an error, went to log back in to discover the server is’nt in my favs list anymore…im over it…sort this headache out please funcom!!!

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i am seriously mot playing this game again until this is fixed, i spent 3 days playing, to get to level 60, and now i can’t even find the server, its a joke

Use Battlemetrics to get the IP:Port and direct connect.

Connect <-- Klick

If they are private servers, then there is nothing Funcom can do.

The level 40 is definitely a private server (owned and paid for by another player–who probably pword the server because of too high of traffic for the vets on it), as that is the only way there would be a password needed.

If you’d like to start over one last time I would love to have you on our server. We go live tonight. Server Name: Riddle of Steel. Its a 20-man. I plan on whitelisting active players so that no one has login issues.

ok yodasclown, ill take you up on that, i know im i little late to respond, but im after a dedicated server and bunch to play with

please explain to me best way to log in to this game? is it under internet, favs or official, and is it pve or the others etc, please explain?

i already have portforward, ive done the port forwarding thing, has not worked