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Hi guys,

I bought this game yesterday, chose a random pve server, played straight 6 hours, reached level 30 something… and then i got disconnected. Then the server i joined was nowhere to be found.

Normally with other mmo’s, like world of warcraft, swtor, and others, you just choose a pve or pvp server and then just keep playing. In this game, the server page is confusing as hell. Maybe i’m just stupid. random server names with hundred options? direct connect? get you OWN server? what?!

Guys, can somebody please explain the server situation in this game because it’s driving me nuts! i just want a pve server where i can play peacefully, and most importantly it will NOT disappear!

Thanks in advance.

I am not sure what exactly you are asking but there are official and private servers. You can filter by region, combat type, official, with mods etc.

If you can’t find your server anymore, you can try filtering by history or sorting by character level. Else you can try using battlemetrics to search using your character name. Once you find it, it is probably wise to add it to favourites or even write down the IP somewhere.

Direct connect allows you to connect to a server directly by using its IP instead of waiting for it to pop up in the list.

You can host your own server as well either by using a PC you have at home or by renting a server from a hosting company. Hosting your own is a bit more complicated but there are guides how to do it.

If this doesnt answer your question, please be more specific.

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