No servers show up

Can see steam servers, but when I try to connect it brings me to the main menu and doesnt join the game, even if invited to a server.
I have tried everything possible, I love this game but I havent been able to play for 4 months online, I’m about to demand a refund.
Can ANYONE help with this, I have been on the forums searching for quite a while and no solution I have found has worked at all.

Reinstalled multiple times
Deactivated firewall
Forced update
Tried joining through steam servers
Joining by IP doesnt work
Changing set launch parameters in steam

I’m at my wits end I have 276 hours into this game if I cant get this fixed funcom better give me a refund

The game just make you return to main menu or there is an error message ?

You said you see server list, have you checked the option to see unvalid servers or you use default view ?

Can you provide us a screenshot ? (being you new to the forum you can’t post it, but if you manage to post the link changing something to mask it’s a link I can repost it for you)

PS: the option to use steam to join by IP never worked for me even on the servers I’m used to play and I can reach normally, but this is a steam bug I suppose.

To add a few more questions.
Do you have mods installed? Do the servers you are attempting to join have mods installed or whitelisting enabled? Have you tried joining official servers or private only?
Have you tried the direct connect option via IP from within the game?
Do you have free space on the drive where the game is installed? Are you using HDD or SDD.
When you start the game, does steam show that you are playing the game? Can steam friends see you playing the game?
Have you tried deleteting completely the game files and then reinsralling?
Have you tried reinstalling battleeye?
Have you tried reinstalled steam?
Have you verified the integrity via steam?
Do you have pending Windows Updates, especially Visual C++ ones?
Are you able to play single player?
How high is your ping?
Any error msgs? How about errors in the logs?

Some screenshots or a video would probably help … you can post them by breaking the link: -> my.youtubevideo com

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