Cant join any server

I ask for your help ppl of the forums, cuz i dont have any response from funcom. Can anyone knows hot to fix this? i can connect to servers, cant see any on my list from the game and i cant join via steam, i got the mesagge “error connecting to the server” i even try with the launcher parameters. all in my sistem is correct and i dont have similar problem with no other games. Thank you for your help and sorry about my english

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aye looks like most servers have crashed.

So you are getting no servers to show up in game at all?

We might have the same issue. I can see servers but it says I am banned when I try and join.

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I cant see any server ingame, no matter of the filters, it only says “error joining the server” when i do it from steam, i have this issue since three days ago

So you didnt have the issue before the last patch?

no, i just play 4 hours of the game, i bought it last week

Just to be clear you have your Filter set to internet?

yes i have my filter set on internet

Damn man, sorry to hear it. The two things that sound to be most likely the issue would be either you have a firewall blocking it or you are using an outdated version of the game. If its neither of those things I wouldnt have a clue.

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there are 3 things you can try. 1. check to see if game is up to date force update if not. 2. repair files might have gotten a bad file on an update it happens sometimes. 3 check to make sure firewall is allowing game/steam and not blocking access. if these dont work then I dont know. I have this issues with Ark from time to time after a big update and one of these 3 will usually fix the issue.

The game is up to date, already repair files, and deactivated firewall to try. Nothing solve this issue, thank you all for your support. I hope someone of funcom do the same

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I have the same issue but i can see the servers list, When i try to conect it say i lost conection with the host :s

Try rebooting router and modem? Update all drivers on your pc…hope this helps

@Pabman… Did you get it working?

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