[PC] Ping too high since last patch on official servers!

Hi. I play on a PvE server and I’m really happy with the community there. I’m level 60, have a pretty base… everything went right… until last patch.

I’m from Chile and I play on a NA server (hate latin servers, people is really toxic in general). Well, when I entered the server, my ping was always at 175-180. No problem, can deal with it, play with the same ping on The Elder Scrolls Online or Ark.

Problem is… since last patch, my ping went up 50 points. ONLY in this game (isn’t a conection problem, I have fiber and a 900MB conection). So… I must try 10-20 times, every day, trying to login, shutting down every other program on the PC.

What did you do?

Besides… why don’t you add a “logout” option? I need to restart the game every time for changing my ping. Really annoying.

PS: Why don’t you increase the limit to 220? Maybe on PvE? We never have more than 10 people connected at the same time.

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