Ping issues, Please raise the ping allotment

I bought this game when it first came out. Played single player only. Now my boyfriend and I live apart for work. He is in Europe and i’m in the US. We both started on an EU server. My ping was 120 at that time, not bad. I play dota with him on 150 MS + sometimes and I personally don’t notice any delay.

Anyways I went to log on server 1041 today, and it kept giving me the message my ping was too high. It was only 137 at that time.

Please increase the ping limit to 150 at least. I think anything below 200 is fair. I’m sure that this will fall on deaf ears.

I played Age of Conan online for a very long time as a Necromancer, and your customer service back then was amazing. Hope to resolve this issue.

Things i’ve tried are a proxy server (didn’t help ping), DNS, closing every window and program I possibly could.

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