How can we play this game going forward?

Full disclosure live in Japan, bought the game last week, only 50 hours played.

So basically my friends and I really like the PVE-Conflict rule set, so we bought the game. First thing I noticed was the really strict ping limitation for all of the PVE-Conflict servers under 140. After 50 hours played went to log in 2 days ago and the server I was playing on now has a ping of 160 or something instead of 140… even though its oceanic region.

No big deal we decided to check out another server, much to our surprise we can not find a single server, not one in the PVE-C rule set with a ping consistently under 140. We have a bunch that fluctuate between about 160-200 but nothing under 140.

Funny enough if we play PVP ruleset we can find 20-30 servers with pings under 40 but nothing in the PVE-C ruleset.

Are we missing something? What sort of options are available to us?

Thanks all.

Just an update still can’t connect to ANY PVE-C server, lost 50 hours of progress on the server I was on because my ping is now averaging 180 instead of 120… seriously this can’t be by design right? I already have a massive base, got up to lvl 35, and logged 50 hours on that server. I lost my access because my pinged went up 60ms, and additionally now I have no option except moving to a full PVP server? I must be missing something right?

Please help,

this happened to me in EA last year. living in SEA, pings when from 80 to around 200 after an update, took well over a month before it was fixed. during that time i had to use a VPN for gaming such as WTFping

I see, I just couldn’t possibly imagine this was how the game was designed guess I was wrong lol. I can sort of see not letting someone with a high ping join the server, but once they have a character how can you just boot them off there are so many possible reasons to have a high ping, but seriously is 160-180 ms outrageous? I dont think so… sucks anyways.

Well, this one is on me Funcom, I played a couple other really promising titles from you guys and got burned pretty bad by buggy, incomplete games, that had massive potential but were plagued by incompetence. I swore Funcom off for a long time but you guys got me again. This one is on me.

there is a private server being ran, in the asian side that is almost completely english speaking. and pretty friendly group of people. have my build set to TestLive right now… no sure why have it to download a 1.5gb patch to switch to testlive… then as well to switch out of test live.

i believe it says something like european in the server title.

Thanks man, think me and my friends are just gonna call it quits on this one. None of us really feel like losing 50+ hours nor do we feel that we should have to. Maybe it is our fault somehow, not sure, but regardless we are out. Do appreciate the helpful reply though. Thanks again.

You can always ty refresh and roll a ping below 140…

Your choice tho, this method worked fine for me

Yeah I have tried so many times I get back down to about 150 every so often but its really not worth it, game is fun but how can I continue to play a game where if my ping jumps 20ms I can effectively be banned? Sorry I jumped in, found an official server, and started playing the game, like any logical person would. After 50 hours I have effectively been banned for having my ping jump 20ms. Could I move to another server, or another mode? Sure. Could I refresh the ping over and over again in order to maybe get a 140? Sure. But I shouldn’t have to, that is crazy down just to play the game. Again just my opinion, but I think about other multiplayer game that have officially hosted servers. Never seen anything like this.

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