Unable to access excessive ping servers

screen ping

explain to me how you can play if all servers have this ping … while I ping 30. last night 4 hours to try. I haven’t even been able to try the new expansion yet. You have to solve the problem soon.

Agree, after the last expansion Ping is awful, they need to fix it fast. More then 10 ppl on the server and you cant do anything.

Ive been using battlemetrics to look up the server IP/Port and doing Direct Connect, it seems to bypass the ping gateway. I agree, this is sad that they are releasing IoS with the servers in this state.

i just find shutting down conan and restarting steam solves this issue for me, well when i get the ping login error anyway

I have stable 60-80 ping on the server I’m playing but due to some bugg the server I play on shows 157-180 when i search the server in the list and so I can’t log in. I’ve been blocked from entering the server for 5 hours. Please remove the ping join restriction. It’s blocking people with legit ping from accessing the server.

I’m having the same issues.

Same problem here,

Was able to make my surviver on a official PVE-C server last night,
today cant get in , ping 249 it showed 36/40 players,
after refreshing it still has high ping but 0/40 players ??

Are these servers dieing when to much people get on it :frowning:

I cant play like this :frowning:


EDIT : LOL just checked again ping now 720 on server 6420 (I think)

Am also getting the ping issue on the official server I have been playing on happily for the last 3 months. If keep getting unable to play, maybe time to switch to a different game unfortunately

I have 211 M down and 18 M up and have been trying now for about 45 minutes rebooting my machine, closing the app and launching it and still 200+ ping WTF Funcom/Gportal what gives.

Ok this is getting rediculous,

Last night because I could not get on my server because of high ping (when I made the character 3 day’s ago the ping to that server was less than 50) (this was server 6420) this server had 600+ ping yesterday

I made a new character on server 6007 , at the time last night it had a ping of 46

Now today I want to continue on server 6007 and I have a ping of 170+ on that one now !!!
Currently server 6420 has ping of 132
And I see another EU server (6433) with a ping of 54 , but god damnet im not going to start over a 3th time !!!

So your PVE-C EU isle of siptah servers like alternate good internet ? you guys got only one good lan cable and every server gets a good day 1 time per week !!!

Fix this ■■■■■■■■ crap, tell me what the problem is, and what server will have GOOD PING in the future so I can start there AGAIN from scratch !!!

Thank you,


EDIT : Can not get on ANY of the 3 servers I started new on anymore, logged off the last one an hour ago, come back, ALL are 170+ ping and WONT ALLOW ME TO CONNECT !!!

EDIT 2 : Now the server I got on with 54 ping yesterday has 500+ ping !!! man I am already at a big base there, if it decay’s because I cant get on the fubar servers im gona stop playing for a few months again :frowning: kinda sad I bought the DLC to check it back out again, game / servers are actualy WORSE than a few months back !!!


Not a solution, only a temporary workaround until the problem is fixed::

Maybe (if you have already played there once) this might help to get your server´s IP:


Ok , this STILL is not fixed :frowning:

all they dit is up the minimum ping to 200 !!!

Last night it was 217 :frowning:

Had to try a few times to restart and than hit login realy fast to get in ,

this realy is rediculous :frowning:


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