You REALLY need to fix your server browser

You need to alter the ping limit to something more reasonable, because servers are fluctuating anywhere from 90 to 200+, making it impossible to join them sometimes with a ping limit of 140. Your browser destroys my internet connection, too, where it’s literally dead outside the game until it completes the server update. There also needs to be a way to limit the list to ONLY update specific servers. The default should be to show whatever servers you have favorited, with an option to switch to “global” to display all servers in case you need to find a new one. There is no good reason why it needs to be updating 13,000 servers every time I run the game, and this is no doubt part of the reason why servers initially have such a high ping. Most of the time, the only ways I can actually connect to my server is if I’m lucky and it just happens to ping low, or I wait until the entire server list is done loading (5-10 minutes) where I can refresh the list and SOMETIMES get a lower ping, but otherwise I have to exit and relaunch the game multiple times every day, sometimes for 30 minutes or more, just to finally be able to connect.

This is a priority, because everything you are doing right now is inconsequential to the people who cannot actually play your game. It’s irritating as hell.


While I agree with OP that the issue should be resolved fastly, here is a temporary workaround until the problem is fixed:

Get your server´s IP (for example here:
Connect using the IP via “Direct Connect” in the server browser.

Good luck!

This doesn’t include my server, that or I am just not entering it in right. Official 6409 is my server.

Direct connect would definitely resolve the issue, but many of the new servers are not listed. FC should prioritize getting that info to the community ASAP so we can play instead of complaining while they fix it.

Today, past 18:00 gmt+1 alot of servers experienced high ping in-game as well, jumping from 80 ping to a variable between 250-500 ping. It’s getting worse. I hope they fix it.

Still not fixed. Still NEEDS fixed.

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