PING to high almost on any server ( half my building base gone and half still on)


hi, since the last dlc in the game i have a big ping of 180 to 999.
the first thing has no refresh on servers, so i have to restart the game every time to refresh ping server.
from last update i could join twice after i spend minimum 2 hours trying join any server.
when i run conan exiles my all conection go in the air as example i cant even open youtube if conan exile is open ofc in loby becouse cant join any server ping to high.
my coenction is always 4 ping ms download mbps 200 upload 12 mbps so i dont have bad conection this is about conan and update.

next thing is about base last dlc update did somthing that my half base is missing not decyed is just gone. i hear from other players they had same problem they log in and half building missing, is not some foundation is a big base and everything is conected with dlc foundations.


About the server browser ping issue:

yes i alredy tryed and say that server dosent exist :confused:

Yes this is an issue for my whole clan. We all have to direct connect now. This was not the case before the update.

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I’m not able to look up the server I am on using battlemetrics. Official pvp server 6407 in USA. This is a horrible way to handle this game.

If thats an Isle of Siptah server, they arent listed yet on Battlemetrics, only the CE servers.

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So I have been playing on the same server for 2 years. I can’t log in because of some ping issues.

As this seems to be a common issue faced by others I think it needs top priority.

If my bases degrade and crumble due to my inability to log in (not because I don’t want too) that will be the straw.


Do the right thing. Extend the decay timers until you fix this.

Sounds like a good idea. Maybe bring the servers down and check the hardware/solfware for the issue?

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