Ping too high 7 days in a row, what now?

I’ve been trying to log into official pve 1013 for 7 days now without any luck because ping is suddenly too high, if I am not able to log on before some time tonight then everything I’ve built will have decayed… Please help?

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Try a direct connect

I’ve heard this works, haven’t tested it yet myself I found out after my stuff would have decayed so really didn’t care much

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Thank you so very much, it worked for me YAY
My base had literally only a few hours left according to a friend playing on the server, so it was a very close call, it would have been almost a year work that would have disappeared if I hadn’t been able to log into the server.

Funcom either needs to disable decay until they have sorted this ping issue out or provide a fix very fast, I can only imagine how many people that could lose all their work because of not being able to log into their server… Again thanks, you saved me :slight_smile:

NP, I saw it in another post yesterday concerning the high ping times so glad it worked.

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