Does anyone know why ping gets so high?

The Official PvP servers I play on sometimes spike in ping. Before I thought it was all raid related, but it’s 3:35 PM here and both of the servers have over 200 ping so I can’t join. They have all been running smoothly with 40 players in each before, so I’m not sure what causes it. The servers normally has between 40 - 60 ping for me.

Anyone know what actions the players are doing that causes this over a longer period of time? Are they all just buffing up their base defenses before raid and the servers are struggling to keep track of it all?

Just noticed that both servers that I play on regained their low ping at the same time. From 280 and 240 down to 45 for both of them. I had good ping with lots of other servers that are less populated while these two were in the clouds. I would really like to know what cause this

It can be a lot of things; the simplest of which is some trouble with the switch that connects to the server. Everything between client and server affects it that touches the data packet.

Or the server is slow in data processing. Aka low SFPS.

Most likely they are in the same VM pool. You can always join a server that is not offline by using direct connect also.

Go to this link Conan Exiles Server List - Filter and search all servers - BattleMetrics and input the server name/number and it will give you a full IP/gateway address.

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One thing that nobody has mentioned yet is that the server browser is, um, not very good. It will send a “ping” request to each server in your list and set its ping value when it gets a reply and that’s it.

If you happened to have the bad luck that you had some additional bit of latency on your end – or the server had it on its end – at that precise moment, you’re stuck with a list that shows your server as having 200+ ping and there’s no way to deal with that without refreshing the whole list.

To add insult to injury, the browser won’t let you refresh the server list until it’s “done”. I don’t know when exactly it decides it’s “done”, but I do know that for me it’s easier to quit the game and start it again, than to wait for it to “finish”.

Oh, and you can’t make it refresh by going back to main menu and opening the server browser again. You have to either restart the game or let the browser “finish” its work.

TL;DR: You might have simply had shіt luck when you opened Funcom’s not-so-user-friendly server browser.


I don’t know the exact reason(s), sometimes it happens when there are too many people online, sometimes it also happens when there is only one other person.

When the ping gets extremely high (9999), server crashed (or has been restarted on purpose), after that you need to wait 10-15 minutes until it gets back on.

Also when the ping goes up only slightly, so you can’t join, my experience with solution is to restart your client completely a try to log in again.

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Thank you all for the replies. Though it’s not solved I’ve gotten a better idea of why this happens sometimes


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