Inexplicably high ping to one specific Server

My friend and I both play on Oceanic PVE Server 1950 however tonight neither of us are able to get on due to our ping being too high, however the other two Oceanic PVE Servers 1951 and 1952 have a much lower ping.

We have both checked our internet and ensured there is nothing else draining out bandwidth and ran a ping test to Google coming back at nothing higher than 20ms (I know Google is a far cry from pinging your Servers however it’s a good indication of how well our internet is performing). And yet when logging onto Conan we both see a ping of around 280 for 1950 and around 50 for 1951 and 1952.

Given that the other Oceanic Servers are showing much lower pings and both of us have similar pings this seems to be more likely an issue on your end than ours. Additionally my friend and I do not share an ISP or connection and we live in completely different states.

Sounds like perhaps an issue with the server itself - if it is not your ISP’s proximity / distance to the server. If there are things wrong with that server in particular, you should try reporting it here:

Just to play devil’s advocate, it still may not be something wrong with the server. There may be a very bizarre route from your ISP to that specific server that is no fault of Funcom’s. Either way - it would not hurt to provide a very detailed report for them to investigate. :slight_smile:

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