PC Power Shuts Down

Game mode: [Online private & Single-player)]
Type of issue: [Crash / Misc]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Canada/ North America]

Having an issue with Conan shutting my PC down. I have various games that are hard on my GTX 1050ti but they all work in the end. Conan though I have to dial the settings down or it will power off/kill my PC as soon as the game tries to start (after the menu). I used the OSD to monitor temps and its not a temperature issue that I can see. CPU is at 43c and video card will get up to 62c. I noticed that if I dial down the settings to lower resolution and medium / low settings that the game would work and be stable. My best guess is that in higher settings the game is asking for too much power and the video card tries to draw it and shuts the pc down. The power supply is about 6 months old, 800 watts. I Think it should be enough ? This card doesnt even have a power connector though… it draws straight from the bus.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. use GTX 1050ti.
  2. set settings to high
  3. boom ?
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I can confirm this problem - comparable system specs, also Greforce 1050ti. Drivers are up to date and other games with similar hardware requirements run without any problems. On high/ultra settings in fullscreen mode the game either crashes to desktop or the power shuts down completely. However, I have been able to keep it quite stable in windowed mode with high to medium settings and by limiting max frames to 30.

Edit: might be worth mentioning, before the latest update the game ran smoothly on mostly ultra settings (only shadows where set to medium). Crashes started after the Hotfix.

This is due to Conan Exiles still needing optimizations. I run on a 1070 & if it weren’t for my Settings being adjusted, I’d have the same issue. Granted, just the Video Card isn’t the only issue. All of the PC Specs are involved in this issue. So you have to meet the requirements in all aspects & even if you do, expect issues, due to optimizations not being there yet still.
Another thing to consider is: Are you liquid cooled? Because if you’re not, that will be another issue here. FunCom hasn’t done enough optimizations since Conan Exiles released. Which also shows in all of the Hotfixes still not fixing “duping items” or even with the last Patch still not fixing Undermeshing. Yes, it’s still a thing … check YouTube’s most recent uploads.
Good luck, because we’ve been waiting on these since release.

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Just want to make note here that the issue was hardware related.

My power supply has been replaced with a new 650w PSU and I am experience no more power down issues.


HUmmmm I thought it was my crappy PC that suffered from that, but it seems its another optimization problem, good to know.

I was just about to suggest you check your psu. Well done solving it by yourself.

I actually had the same thing happen to my PC last night. Been playing Conan Exiles intensively for the past 2,5 weeks. I have had zero problems. Then last night: boom, PC shutsdown and reboots. After that I have played more and there have been no further incidents so far. I am using a GTX 1080.

Depends on your GPU. On my 980 gtx, 62 would be totally fine, pretty sure it can go past 80 if it had to (and used to before I put in a custom cooler for it).

the safe ranges for CPUS/GPUS/PCBS etc all vary depending on the specifications laid out by the many varied manufacturers.

62C is fairly warm, but nothing to worry about on most cards. I know my card doesnt even try to throttle down unless it hits 80c. The specs for my card iirc say that 100c is the damage limit where its probably too late to do anything to save the card. Personally I would not run it past 80c… and I’ve never seen it get that high anyhow… even under the toughest settings on a stress tester.

Some were in your (Mobo ) is a Blown Power caps. just case means Motherboard in Tech lingo. carefully with flash light check all your Capacitors that are showing signs of leak, blown or swollen. than if you know someone is Electrician do it for Free Open power supply if Warranty is expired & check for Blown Caps too. I use old Gigabyte Mobo, old EVGA GTX 960 FTW 2.0 GPU, CPU intel i5 3570K unlock plays fine. after you have check every hard wear in PC. than might b game. BTW even a Fan that faulty can cause PC to shut down. Take it from Experience of 24 yrs in electronics.

My system is heavily factory overclocked and typically runs in the 40 to 45 C range on both the GPU and CPU. That is a rough average between all 6 cores on the CPU. The cooling systems idles when I am surfing or doing other things. The fans ramp up the rpm when I am gaming to keep the temps in the same range.

I had a fan break on a Nvidia graphics card. Whenever the card was about to reach 100°C, the software shut down the card to protect it. Thus any temperature that stays way below 100°C should be fine :wink:

My old laptop has that issue. Last thermal shutdown actually damaged the graphics card in it. I still have it in case I need anything on it, but it is getting harder to boot it up since that happened. Those are not something you want to happen.

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