Game crashing entire computer in group combat only

When playing, entering combat with friends, eg raiding a camp or fighting multiple enemies, the computer screen will go dark and the fans run wild. I though it was overheating etc, but the temperature is well within normal ranges and I have just replaced thermal compound to try to fix this. The character will remain in my server for approx. 30 seconds, usually getting killed. Entering combat alone does not cause a crash like this.

This crash only occurs in Conan Exiles, but the PC can run other, more graphically intense games perfectly fine so I’m not sure it would be a performance issue.

I’m using an AMD GPU and CPU, as well as an ASUS motherboard. The PSU is a EVGA G3 550 W 80+

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Does anyone have some suggestions for fixing this?

The Power Supply is not your problem. What is your graphics card, are you playing in ultra, are you running a quad core + and how much RAM do you have?

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I am running a quad core, my card is a Radeon RX580 and running 16gb RAM. The crashes would occur on medium graphics, capped at 60 fps. I’ve “fixed” the crash by capping at 30 fps, and my godmode tests took until 30 npcs spawned in a small area to replicate the crash.

Sounds like a graphics issue. I don’t care what anyone says about minimum requirements, I run an AMD RX 5700 XT 8 GB GDDR6, boosted to 1905 MHz and it still warms up pretty good just playing the game solo. If I were having that issue, I would roll back my driver and test it, reinstall Direct X, and pull my RAM and clean the contact points with a rubber eraser. Technically, your system exceeds the so called minimum requirements, but playing this game for the last four years, I have never believed those are correct. I do know that when I purchased this gaming PC, the PSU lasted one day and went dead. lol. It was pure luck, because the new one I purchased had two 6 pin connectors and I needed two to run this GPU.

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LOL, I was studying Petroleum engineering at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, but with the switch to clean energy I changed it and now I major in Computer Engineering . I also was working from home for Nordstrom as a network / PC technician until they furloughed me last march due to the pandemic.

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