D3D11RHI - direct draw lost thing?

I’m getting this crash message a lot. OFC I can’t copy and paste the bloody thing because the computer is half dead and requires me to close the fatal error notice before I can move on… aaaand copy doesnt work on it.

It seems to be a UE4 thing? I have no idea if you guys can fix it, or if it’s already fixed and needs some kind of update on your end or what. It seems to be fairly common since around 2017, but I have no idea how to fix it. Everything I saw that might be a kind of work around is for NVidia people and I have AMD card.

Help :frowning:

I’m crashing a lot. Probably once an hour or more.

I am so sorry, this is in the wrong place. I meant it to be in the PC bugs area. Any chance it can be moved?

Hey @Kalanth

Moved your thread to the PC Bugs section.
Could you post your system specs just in case?
Also, could you look at this list of common technical issues and see if any of the tips or workarounds help you in your issue? One of them is related to crashes in AMD hardware.

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