D3D Device Being lost

After buying a New GPU im was very happy to play CE now perfectly… than i have 6 Months gaming berak… i come back and this D3D Device Lost (INTERNAL ERROR) shoots me down… worked on this GPU and GPU Driver version fine @ may 2022.

im shure the problem is the VRAM Managing from the Client or the Engine… all ist fine if the GPU uses less than 10GB Vram. above 10GB instant crash.

the GPU works fine in UE4 and other UE Games. (with maximum 16GB Vram usage)

have tryed all things that google can find for me… nothing work.

I read the other Topics in this forum… Thanks for nothing :slight_smile: please switch the UE Version for the game. thanks or make it New and Use UE5… Its an Rare problem but save NOT a problem of the user systems. Happens ONLY in Conan Exiles

Not going to happen. I hope you will find a solution to your problem. Best of luck.

then almost 5 years together come to an end. I’ve invested too much time in solving problems with this game, I was hoping that with 3.0 the beta would finally be over… apparently not

Hello @Winimarik!

Thank you for reaching out to us. Here are some ideas of what could impact or provide that error message. Please try the following:

  • Update Windows (no need to change to Win11 though, just update the current version you have)
  • Update Graphics Driver
  • Change to Default Graphics Card
  • Verify files in Steam
  • Disable NVIDIA Geforce/ AMD Radeon Experience Battery boost
  • Disabling Antivirus/Firewall Software
  • Turn off Overclocking and SLI Technology
  • Reduce PC’s energy consumption

Make sure to reach out if the issue still persists.

We hope this helps!

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im done. after a terrible night. tested ~50 driver versions. one from dez 2021 works…

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